Septic Tank Conversions

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Septic Tank Conversions

Septic Tank Conversions

If you have a septic tank and are thinking about replacing it with a sewage treatment plant, you could convert it to a Mantair Septic Tank Conversion. If your tank is structurally sound and has a suitable volume then you could save money and avoid digging up your garden by having your septic tank or cesspool converted to a full treatment system by using your existing tank.

A Mantair septic tank conversion unit allows septic tank or cesspool owners to create a fully operational sewage treatment system from their existing tank. It doesn’t involve huge excavations as it fits directly inside your existing tank. Once installed, your septic tank can safely discharge to a watercourse as it will achieve a 20:30:20 discharge standard and with over 2000 active installations, and no major excavations, a Mantair converted septic tank offers considerable cost savings compared to having a sewage treatment plant installed.

Give us a call today to arrange a free, no obligation survey and find out if your tank can be converted for a lot less than a new system. Mantair Septic Tank Conversion Units are only available from licenced Mantair Contractors. Don’t delay, the savings are equal to a foreign holiday for two.


“Paul approached my enquiry in a thoroughly professional and efficient manner. He inspected the site and then made a full written report (with illustrative photographs) of the condition of the site and the work needed. I had cheaper quotes, but they lacked any specification and appraisal of the site and the final bill would, I am sure, have come with a load of “extras”. I would definitely recommend P & H Environmental, the work was finished properly with sound workmanship and on time.”

B.C. Temple Guiting, Gloucester